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Structured Cabling in Farmingville

If your data center is over run with cable management issues and you are having a hard time determining which cords lead to which equipment, Tiger Electrical Service Inc.’s structured cabling solutions will provide your business with IT optimization, reduce unnecessary cords, and upgrade your current building to align with your current and future telecommunications infrastructure design plans.

Tiger Electrical Service Inc. will design, install, test, bond, ground and label your structured cabling systems. Organizing your technical infrastructure so your building and communications systems can adapt and grow as technology changes over time.

Benefits of Structured Cabling

Incorporating a structured cabling system into your Farmingville building plan will not only support a clean aesthetic by removing cluttered, and unused or unnecessary connections, it will also minimize operating expenses and reduce system down time and your company’s technological footprint.

Reducing Downtime

When cabling systems grow into large masses of cords, air flow is reduced and switches can fail. Time consuming and avoidable mistakes may be made during upgrades or equipment changes that are hard to trace when large bundles of cables are involved. Removing one cable from an intertwined maze of cords causes stress on the lines around it, which may lead to malfunctions like channel or network errors.

Structured Cabling Design

With years of experience designing technological infrastructure for our valued Farmingville clients, our team of experienced structured cabling designers can take your unique building requirements and present a plan of action to install a system that meets the telecommunications needs of your business, or make upgrades to retrofit your existing structure. Our specialists evaluate your needs and customize a design that will integrate your present and future cabling infrastructure requirements at a cost that will align with your budget. Our designers set themselves apart from our competitors with comprehensive assessments of the function of the proposed cabling installation. We combine this with your business requirements and then get to work designing telecommunications infrastructure that takes optimizes the architectural structure of your building and your existing communications system.

Structured Cabling Installation

Our structured cabling installation team works quickly and efficiently to ensure little interruption to operations. We arrive on time, with all of the advanced tools and components necessary to complete the job to your upmost satisfaction. Tiger Electrical Service Inc. technicians will work around your schedule, ensuring your daily operations are disturbed as little as possible during the installation process. Once the system upgrade or install is complete, we will test every component for quality and functionality to ensure everything is in proper working order.

Structured Cabling Installation can Include:

  • Entrance facilities where outside and inside connection meet
  • Equipment rooms
  • Horizontal and vertical backbone pathways and cables
  • Work area outlets
  • Cross connect facilities
  • Transition and consolidation points
  • Telecommunications closets
  • Multi-user outlet assemblies

Tiger Electrical Service Inc. adheres to Farmingville code and structured cabling standards, conforming to physical and transmission line requirements.

Get in touch with our telecommunications structured cabling system experts today to request a cabling quote and professional suggestions on your cabling management solutions.